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Using Superpowers

While researching for a poem, I found some fun lists ...

21 Real Problems We'd Actually Want Superheroes to Solve

21) Finding lost people -- there are blue-plate specials as well as superheroes doing this.

20) "Can you open this?" is ubiquitous for anyone with Super-Strength, Cutting, Claws, etc.

18) Yes, a lot of people like to smack the bottom-ten countries. Because grass mud horse, that's why.

17) More brains, better computers.

16) Easy City learned the importance of having a weather-response team.

15) Another blue-plate opportunity, catching criminals for the police.

13) Lawrence is currently working on a version of this with velvet worm spit.

12) Skipper thought of it first. And is based on an actual dolphin who does this, apparently it's not rare for them to arrange their own human-watching tours of dolphin-watching boats.

10) Lots of superheroes do compassionate work. So do a non-trivial number of supervillains, they're just quieter about it.

9) Mindhealers are hard to find but really popular.

8) This is why Terramagne's tech level is ~20 years ahead of ours.

6) Granny Whammy did this in Germany. Dr. Infanta is currently eyeing the Wall between Israel and Palestine.

22 Dickish Ways We'd Actually Use Superpowers

21) Well, that was inevitable.

20) Because some powers really run up your metabolism and food is expensive.

18) Nonviolent, yet so expressive.

17) A very popular response when you have pissed off a strongman or metalbender.

14) Why it is important to consider the effect of your abilities on other people's job.

10) I just know Cold Cash has done this.

9) Why you want to make sure superkids do not get bored.

5) Actually legitimate under the "use what you got" rule.

8 Practical Ways We'd Actually Use Superpowers

8) So help me, that's exactly how Popgun became telekinetic: he's too fucking lazy to get up and fetch things by hand.

7) Haven't seen who yet, but I'm sure somebody's doing this.

6) Illusionists are very popular as entertainers. Over in Italy they're doing this.

5) How anyone with Electrical or Fire Powers normally gets a light.

3) Also useful if you have Cold Powers, as Cash has demonstrated.
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