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Half-Price Sale in Polychrome Heroics

All the currently sold stuff has been marked on the sale page.  Posted poems are linked from their titles.

Danso and Family is sold out.  \o/

In other awesome news, I was able to post some new poems about gay and trans characters on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.  :D  See "Stripping Away the Inessential," "The Frequency of Love," and "A Teacher Who Believes in You."

Note that two poems have been sponsored but NOT published yet because they have prerequisites, which means that sponsoring other stuff can unlock extra goodies.  So if anyone is looking to get some extra bang for their buck, these would be good opportunities for that.
* The biggest of the Pain's Gray poems, "No Feeling of Being Alive," has been sponsored and will appear after "How You Combine Them" ($50.50) and "What Makes a Team Work" ($53) have been sponsored and posted.  If you think Gray has been fun so far, just wait until you see the cool stuff that he can do after he gets out of the casts.
* One of Shiv's poems, "Never Quite So Alone Again," has been sponsored and will appear after "Whose Lives Are Quite Different" ($75).  These continue the story-reading thread, if you liked seeing that earlier.

I have one more poem to post today, not listed in the sale proper since it's part of a regular donor's recent fascination with Officer Pink.  And then I should be caught up.
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