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Wednesday Yardening

It is a beautiful sunny day today after yesterday's rain rain rain.  \o/  So I started by planting:

* Firecracker plant and lantana in the barrel garden.  This completes the planting of the barrel garden for this season.

* Two hanging pots for the hooks above the barrel garden, one with a fuchsia and one with pink purslane.

* A long planter with yellow purslane, pink-and-yellow cosmos, and pink-and-yellow purslane. 

I still have most of two flats to plant, including a lot of herbs.  We stopped at Prairie Gardens recently.  :D


Round two: weeded the goddess garden.

Round three: installed the goddess statue.  Planted four hens-and-chicks of different varieties, two red ones and two green ones.

Round four: planted curry plant in cistern garden; golden lemon thyme, mother-of-thyme, and calendula in the strip garden.

I still have several varieties of basil to plant along with a few other herbs, but I actually got most of the stuff planted in one day.  Go me.  :D
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