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Thursday's Yardening

Today I planted three prairie grasses: big bluestem, indian grass, and one other.  That leaves three to go and then I'll be done with current plants.

Potted up some moss that I dug up to make room for planting a tree seedling earlier.

I put another worm in the barrel garden.

Poppies are blooming.  Peonies and iris are just starting.

A mourning dove has nested beside our kitchen window again.  :D 

EDIT: Second round of yardening: planted three more prairie grasses.

Discovered that the comfrey in the prairie garden is also blooming.

Put another worm in the barrel garden.

Patted myself on the back for finishing all the planting, came back into the house ... and discovered that the house fairies had helpfully added another Big Bluestem in the tray I had just emptied.

LOL some problems are nice to have.
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal
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