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Saturday Yardening

Today's yardening is rolled into a bunch of other stuff ...

Went to Champaign-Urbana and got a flat of 18 wildflowers and prairie grasses from Grand Prairie Friends.  Finally bought membership in GPF.  Picked up a few other plants from different vendors.  Big scores include jack in the pulpit and mayapple.

Delivered batch of poetry to Mom & Dad.  Delivered Mother's Day pot of flowers to Mom.  And there was much rejoicing.  :D

Ate lunch at Brixx with my parents.  Discovered that the garlic cheese bread (which is basically a cheese pizza) that is not on the menu but was recommended by our waiter is terrific, the barbecue chicken pizza is excellent, the wild mushroom pizza is good but not as good as the rosemary chicken with wild mushrooms, and I do not like arugula.

Went to Sam's Club and got a whole cartload of groceries, including ingredients for sloppy joe mix, and we had to get a flatbed trolley for the four bags of garden soil (meant to fill in a dip in the yard) and a bag of potting soil.  Also for some reason everyone was complimenting my hair today.  And it's kind of frustrating to shop on free samples day while being too stuffed to eat another bite.  0_o

And now it's raining, which is supposed to continue off-and-on all week.  This complicates the process of actually getting the plants into the ground.  

Enormously productive day.  Also exhausting.


EDIT: After the rain, I went back outside and planted the orange mint and borage in the strip herb garden.  I put the mayapple and the jack in the pulpit in the woodland garden.

I also transferred several earthworms into the barrel garden.  Forgot to do that last year, and since it's up off the ground, they can't get there without help now.  Happily, earthworms are hermaphrodites, so if any two of them survive, they will be able to reproduce.  I will try to remember to add more for variety.  Right now the ground is so wet and rich, when I stick a trowel anywhere, worms usually come out.
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