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Friday Yardening

Realized that Sunday is Mother's Day.

And that yesterday we forgot to buy the makings of the flowerpot arrangement that I customarily make for Mom on this occasion.

Hurried out to the store again  today to buy more flowers and a pot.  Store did not have hanging pots, which I usually use, so I had to get a plain one.  Gah.

Spent the afternoon first assembling the pot for Mom, which is purple and yellow this year: coleus, snapdragons, pansies, million bells, and dusty miller artemesia.  Then potted up the leftovers for myself.

All the flowers have been planted.  I still have a big bag of tree and shrub seedlings to plant.

EDIT: Second round of yardening was pulling weeds around the forest garden, then trimming the honeysuckle bush there.
Tags: gardening, holiday, illinois, nature, personal
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