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Sunday Yardening

Today it is warm and moist outdoors, but not raining. We picked up the long pile of sticks at the edge of the raspberry patch in the ritual meadow. I'm hoping to get back out later and throw grass seed there.

Much of the earlier-sown clover and grass is sprouting. :D The clover appears first as tiny green dots, then the grass like green hairs. Eventually they burgeon into actual plants.


Second round of yardwork was sowing grass seed at the edge of the raspberry patch in the ritual meadow, and pulling weeds around the burn barrel and forest garden near the house.

Third round of yardwork was cutting honeysuckle shoots near the end of the house. We're trying to get that area cleaned up and regrassed.

And I'm definitely done for the day, because thunder is rumbling and clapping just west of us.
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal
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