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Today's Trip

We went to see "The Jungle Book" today.  It was awesome.  This is easily my favorite live-action take on the story, the best balanced between humorous and serious elements, and of course, Scarlet is the best Kaa ever.  If you have not yet seen it, I rate this movie most highly recommended.

For supper we went to Brixx.  This is one I had looked up in advance, and I had two reactions to the menu:
1) Aaaaand now I'm hungry.
2) I am going to starve to death between two bales of hay.

We did eventually decide what to order, though.  The garlic sticks are excellent, the meatball appetizer quite good.  The draft root beer is made with real vanilla and sassafras,  which is almost impossible to find anymore; I have had root beer as good, but none better.  The rosemary chicken with wild mushrooms pizza is mouthwatering.  I had to take off half a point because the rosemary, being whole instead of chopped, was sharp enough to stab.  (There's a reason why it's always supposed to be chopped, and that is it.)  But it had the best, strongest, most umami shitake mushrooms I have encountered.  For dessert we got the s'mores pizza, also delicious and it comes in six slices just like the rest of them.  While this is not cheap pizza, neither is it as exorbitant as gourmet pizza often is; it's a good price for its class, and you absolutely get what you pay for.  We definitely plan to go back and try more things.

And I'm still stuffed.

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