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Happy Earth Day!

Today was the Earth Day celebration at the Douglas-Hart Nature Center.  We had a blast.  I brought 16 plants for the plant swap, and picked up that many in return.  At least two people had left plants before me, and at least one after me.  There were lots of things to do, looped around the visitor's center, and a page you could get stamped to earn a prize if you visited all the stations.  Mosquito control, marshmallows, various crafts, potting plants, etc.  One of them involved meeting the most phlegmatic turtle I've ever seen, who did not retreat into his shell even when picked up.  There were lots of native plants available in the plant sale too.  It was a really good year, with a lot of activity.  The parking lot was packed.  Fortunately the design of activities spread people around so it didn't feel crowded.  \o/

Afterwards we stopped for lunch.  Then Doug spotted a card show at the mall, so we looked there and he found a few things.  All told, it's been a great day.
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