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Saturday Yardening

Today we planted and mulched four red-twig dogwood bushes.  This concludes the current batch of tree and shrub seedlings.  Yay.  Yay.

Next up will be gathering sticks so the grass can be mowed.  

We still have one bundle of seedlings on order that should arrive any time now.

It's a gorgeous warm sunny spring day outside.  Violets are blooming everywhere.  The big crabapple is in full bloom and the smaller ones are starting too.  I saw the first bees in one.  I think the cherries are opening too.  Trilliums have their leaves and one is blooming.  One whole tulip bed is blooming, some solid light reds that have faded to pink, and some red-and-yellow Rembrandts.  The Rembrandts and parrot tulips are among my favorites.


EDIT:  And picked up 3 piles of sticks.
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