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Printable Magnets

 [personal profile] zeeth_kyrah tipped me to this awesome video about printable magnets.  Instead of having a single pole on each end, these magnets have many smaller poles printed in a matrix.  It makes the magnet stronger and allows you to do more things with it.  (Be careful putting these things near technology.  All magnets can disrupt electronics but the stronger field and complex patterns do some different things.)  So yes, they're onto something big and they know it.

I can tell you that this is an important step toward creating stable monopoles.  So far people have only managed to simulate them, but yes, they are possible.  This is also a step toward graviton technology.  Because when you start manipulating forces at this level, it's easier to see that everything is, in fact, just made of energy and it is really really malleable.  Go go magnet whisperers!

Yes, I know that the human race is barking mad right now, and it's really easy to blow up a planet trying to learn graviton tech. But magnets!   They're so cool.  They're not going to stop being awesome just because a little farther down the slope things get insanely dangerous.  So's fire.

And remember, magic is just a branch of science you don't understand.  Magnets, like quantum physics, are among the things in the gap between the two, overlapping both.
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