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Animated Movies

This morning when I got up, I noticed the title on Doug's computer: "The two scariest words for Hollywood studios in 2016: animated movie."  

So I asked him what was scary about animation, and he said it was the risk.  A successful animated movie has the highest profit margin of any format.  But they also cost the most to make, so it's a big loss for movies that don't succeed.  CGI movies are even more expensive, unless you cut corners on things like water and hair.

I thought for a moment and said, "So do the movie in traditional cels and pay more for a better script."

In my sleep.  Remember, it takes my brain about an hour to boot up after waking.  I solved a problem, that Hollywood is pissing and moaning over, in my sleep.  With nothing more than the part of my brain that can run an automatic routine but fumbles even that if even one detail is different -- which immediately happened because of the conversation.  

Wow.  I knew Hollywood was bad at solving problems, but worse than my autobrain?  Dudes.  That is lame.

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