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Poem: "Housebuilding"

This is the second freebie for the March 1, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl, courtesy of new prompter Thea Strange. It was inspired by a sketch from [personal profile] ellenmillion. It belongs to the Torn World shared world project. This poem has not been approved by the Canon Board, and doesn't have a date yet, so there may be changes in the version eventually posted to the Torn World site.


It took weeks of expeditions
and more weeks of discussions
for the Council of Elders to decide
on the new location of Itadesh.

Even that was only the beginning
of the work that would be required
to rebuild the future of their village.

It took rangers and domestics
working together to set up
a temporary camp from
which they could work.

They began by building
a common house, which
would give them shelter
for now and eventually
a gathering place for
the village events.

They worked in teams
to cut down huge trees
as thick as a man was tall
to form the timbers.

They hitched snow-unicorns
to the massive logs and
towed them into place.

Meanwhile, other workers
dug the sunken pit that would
become the main floor of the house.

People hacked and sawed
and smoothed the timbers,
then put them together.

Concrete was mixed and poured
to form the thick shell of the house,
then waited for days while
it slowly dried hard.

Finally they cut long strips of sod
and spliced them into a roof.

At last, they ceremonially lit
the first fire in the hearth,
and everyone cheered.

With this one spark,
the future of Itadesh
was rekindled.

* * *


If you are new to Torn World, we recommend that you start here.

This poem concerns the rebuilding of the village Itadesh after a wildfire destroyed it. One of the major storylines in Torn World, the Itadesh fire has many entries, and this one comes at the end.

Read about houses in the North.
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