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Poem: "The Thermotropism of Purring Pets"

This is the freebie for today's [community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam, inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] siliconshaman.

"The Thermotropism of Purring Pets"

To cats,
the sun is
a supermagnet.

They are drawn to
its warm rays the way
bees are drawn to flowers.

One may easily find
the warmest spot in a home
simply by searching for the cats.

They turn up
in cuddle puddles
and unexpected fur piles.

Each curled and
resonant form is a reminder
to pause and take part in comfort.

No day containing time
spent with a contented cat
can be counted a complete loss.

* * *


Thermotropism is the movement of an organism toward or away from a directional source of temperature change. Cats are profoundly thermotropic.

Cats are so soothing that they are used as therapy animals.
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