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So Jughead is asexual.  That's cool. 

I also discovered a couple of other terms.  

Skoliosexual refers to an attraction toward nonbinary people.  Hey, that's me!  It is an accurate but incomplete description of my sexuality, adjacent to redheads.  There are very few things that will really grab my attention on a purely observational level, without knowing the person, but those are them.  (This is also what I got dissed for at the trans party.  Making fun of skoliosexual people as "tranny-chasers" is not cool, folks.)  So it's nice to have a word for that.

Lithosexual refers to having romantic feelings but wanting them not to be reciprocated.  I had to laugh.  This is so not new. This is half the Courtly Love custom of romance (the other half being star-crossed lovers) because lots of people practiced it but would have been horrified  if their distant adulation was actually returned.  It was enormously popular some centuries ago.  If this is you, look into historic literature and you'll find it.
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