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The Wide World of Terramagne

 [personal profile] siliconshaman and I just got into an interesting discussion because he lives in Britain but has been writing Berettaflies stories set in Easy City, Louisiana, USA, Terramagne.  So now we're talking about him writing things set in T-Britain.  

If anyone else writing in Terramagne has experience with other locations that I haven't detailed yet in my own writing, it's okay to set things in your own backyard.  Ask me if you want to do that.  I have a ton of notes for background material and some of that stuff relates to things outside America.  I even have some characters who haven't been deployed yet, some of them foreign.  I can give you whatever I've got on your locale, and help figure out how it fits with what I've been doing.  I have the complete list of top-ten and bottom-ten countries for soups; everything else is somewhere in the middle.

EDIT 2/11/16: [personal profile] thnidu  adds the recommendation that if you are writing about an unfamiliar place, try to find a native who is willing to check your work for accuracy of local details.  I do this when I can, like inviting my Aussie fans to suggest problems for the Spectrum down under.
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