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Unsold Poems from the February 2, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl

The following poems from the February 2, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. Poems may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my LiveJournal profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods.

There are still verses left in the linkback poem "The Tornado Blew Away."  Linking to this page will reveal new verses of that.

"Against the Etiquette"
Your negligee prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Against the Etiquette." Calliope explores feminine underthings, but runs into an unexpected snag.
134 lines, Buy It Now = $67

"Best Teach It to Dance"
Your breakthrough prompt contributed to the free-verse poem "Best Teach It to Dance."  Shiv gets a day pass to visit Pennsic War with the Finns, and struggles to find ways to cope with all the unfamiliar stuff.  Graham helps him explore dancing.
694 lines, Buy It Now = $347

"Contact Points"
A DW Moon Door prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Contact Points."  Randie realizes that spending the full moon with Hilla is making changes within herself.
32 lines, Buy It Now = $15

"The Frequency of Love"
A backchannel prompt from lb_lee inspired the free-verse poem "The Frequency of Love." Danso and Noah cuddle. It's just a page and a half of two boys touching. All my cottoncandy fluff, let me show you it!
42 lines, Buy It Now = $20

"The Nesting Urge of Aluzza"
A DW prompt about building a nest of gold inspired the rubaiyat "The Nesting Urge of Aluzza."  This is one of the Six Poems of the Fall, relating how the dragon Aluzza destroyed the desert city Zayd, capital of the Imran civilization.
64 lines, Buy It Now = $32

"Overheating Elements"
A touch-starved prompt from Dialecticdreamer combined with another from siliconshaman to make the free-verse poem "Overheating Elements."  Ilyana Cherenkov and Blue Blaze show up at Fortressa's lair, wanting help to stop the local nuclear reactor from melting down.  Fortressa very grudglingly agrees -- but just being around these people is shaking up a relationship that she thought was stable, and that's going to be a lot harder to fix than a fucked-up reactor.
492 lines, Buy It Now = $246

"So Closely Allied"
This inspired the free-verse poem "So Closely Allied."  It introduces Phoebe and Floyd with their unusual connection and superpowers enhanced through touch.
164 lines, Buy It Now = $82

"Sounds as Shapes"
A couple of synaesthesia prompts contributed to the free-verse poem "Sound as Shapes."  Sintonizao and Pax work on their superpowers together.
55 lines, Buy It Now = $20 SOLD

A texture prompt inspired the acrostic poem "TAPIOCA." What it says on the tin!
7 lines, Buy It Now = $5

"The Textures of Our Relationships"
Your Maldives prompt contributed to the poem "The Textures of Our Relationships."  Aquariana, Steel, and Moderato perceive the world in very different ways, and as they work together, those different perceptions are changing them and each other.
60 lines, Buy It Now = $20

"We Underestimate the Power"
This contributed to the free-verse poem "We Underestimate the Power." Astin explores touch, stimming, massage, boundaries, and body image.
218 lines, Buy It Now = $109

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