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Cross-Orientation Relationships

 I am fascinated by cross-orientation relationships.  Sometimes people fall in love with someone outside their sexual attraction.  Almost all of them ignore it.  But here's a lesbian marrying a man, and two straight men falling in love.  

Over in Terramagne, Socket is a lesbian with a crush on Fortressa who was straight but has since sworn off love.  So Socket is working to shift a romantic, sexual feeling into the kind of friendship that Fortressa wants and needs, without saying a word, because that's what love is -- a situation where the other person's happiness is integral to your own.  Socket cares more about being with Fortressa and making her happy than about the form  that relationship takes.  Fortressa is sufficiently clueless about relationships that she hasn't even noticed this, except that she really likes Socket and appreciates all the support.  Frankly I think Socket is the main brake pedal preventing Fortressa from turning into a whackjob.

Know yourself.  Know what you like.  But when love comes, let it in, even if it didn't come in the form you thought you wanted.
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