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The Moon Door: Sequencing in Progress

For reference, I've been trying to sequence the poems as I go along.  Here is my best guess of series chronological order so far ...

"Wolfsboon" 10-6-15

"Forgotten How to Feel" 1-19-16 (fishbowl) SOLD

"Trail Magic" 1-20-16 (fishbowl spillover) SOLD

"Opening the Door

"Stable Lunar Orbit" 1-21-16 (fishbowl spillover) SOLD

"Red Moon Waning" 1-20-16 (fishbowl spillover) SOLD

"Lupus in Fabula"  1-19-16 (fishbowl) 

"Elsewere" 1-19-16 (fishbowl)

"The Strength of the Wolf: Scenting" 1-19-16 (fishbowl) SOLD

"The Strength of the Wolf: Howling" 1-19-16 (fishbowl)

"Void of Course" 1-20-16 (fishbowl spillover)

"Lunacy" 1-20-16 (fishbowl spillover)

"Neither Impossible to Escape" 1-25-16 (outside fishbowl) SOLD

"Grandmothers Moon" 1-19-16 (fishbowl)

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fishbowl, poetry, reading, weblit, writing
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