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Ninja Tie Knot

My partner Doug found this impressive little video of the Ninja Tie Knot.  You tie the knot on a table and then put it over your head.  It looks like a traditional knot.  Yay!

Although I rarely wear ties, I have a fascination with them as a means of gender expression.  Ideally, one wants to know at least one traditional knot (there are about four in ubiquitous use) and at least one expressive knot (pick something that matches your personality and/or the occasions you want to dress up your tie).  This is my go-to reference because it lists both common and rare knots, with pictures and videos, and offers advice on when to wear them.  Among my favorites are the Eldredge, Trinity, and Rose.  For a softer look I like the Merovingian, the Linwood Taurus, and the Four Rings.  Those are gentleman knots with a dash of geek and romance.  They all show attention to detail, a willingness to stand out, and the patience to practice something out of the ordinary.  I have less need for a basic tie knot because the plain fact is, I won't be wearing a tie anywhere I'd need that kind of conservative look.  I'd be wearing it for expression, which means probably something like a show, a dance, or a wedding.  If I'm going to put on a tie at all, I might as well send a message with it.  But it's still nice to have the common knots as a backup, in case practice does not make perfect.
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