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Poem: "Ten Ways to Use a Spoon"

This poem came out of the January 5, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer, [personal profile] alexseanchai, [personal profile] redsixwing, and [personal profile] janetmiles. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. This poem belongs to the series Polychrome Heroics.

"Ten Ways to Use a Spoon"

1. On Freiland, Jerryrigger learned
how to use a dull spoon to scoop out
someone's eyeball or other body parts.
This is a use that she tries (and fails) to forget.

2. Loose spoons may be bent into hooks
and used to hang things or to snag people.

3. A silver spoon can be burnished and
turned into a bracelet. Jerryrigger does not
belong to SPOON or desire such a bracelet,
but she has made them for others who do.

4. When she discovers her grandmother's silver
in the attic, the old set that is incomplete, she
uses the forks to make placecard holders
and twists the spoons into napkin rings.

5. Jerryrigger assembles a lampshade
from spoons, too, the bowls turned inward
and overlapping like dragon scales.

6. Spoons make good windchimes,
and also burglar alarms. She uses wire
to attach glass beads and spindles that once
adorned the undersides of chandeliers.

7. Cheap spoons are made from aluminum.
Jerryrigger uses one to make a nose guard
for her tinfoil helmet, just in case she
encounters a hostile telepath.

9. The hand-stamped garden labels
are not something that she needs,
but spoons may be marked with arrows
and stuck into soil or sidewalk cracks
to mark the line of a path.

10. The SPOON website has a whole section
on how to make amends for your mistakes,
even the ghastly whackjob kind. Jerryrigger
isn't ready to tackle that yet, but ...
maybe someday.

* * *


Upcycling and bricolage are two terms for repurposing ordinary objects.  For example, here are some crafts based on spoons.

Making amends entails more than just a verbal apology.  For many people, it's a prerequisite to forgiving themselves for past mistakes.  There are tips on how to make amends.  The SPOON website contains a section for supervillains and it discusses how to make up for having wronged people.

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