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Communitarian Award Open

One of my interests lies with intentional community, which you may have noticed in my tendency to write about fluent communities in several of my settings. I do nonfiction on this topic too, with a variety of articles in Communities magazine, so I'm on their mailing list. They just announced open nominations for this award ...


The Fellowship for Intentional Community announces that nominations are
open from now through April 1, 2016 for the 2017 Kozeny Communitarian
Award. This honors the indomitable spirit of Geoph Kozeny, who devoted his
adult life to creating community in the world. [For a taste of Geoph's
contributions, see The Peripatetic Communitarian--the Best of Geoph

This Award is intended to celebrate the accomplishments of a person or
organization in one or more of the following ways:

A. Networker: to a person or organization who did any of the following: an
outstanding job of creating or strengthening relationships between two or
more community-focused organizations; spearheaded joint projects among
network organizations; has been noteworthy for a lifetime of bringing the
inspiration and information of community living to the general population.

B. Media Relations: to a person or organization who has done an
outstanding job of one or more of the following: accurately and fairly
representing intentional communities to the press, especially in moments
of tragedy or loss; generating media interest sufficient to get stories in
print, profiling intentional communities and/or cooperative living; a
lifetime achievement of writing and/or speaking passionately and
ecumenically about community and cooperative living.

C. Good Neighbor: to a person or organization who has provided consistent
and noteworthy assistance that was key to one or more communities dealing
effectively with major challenges.

D. Community Builder: to a person or organization who has offered
consistently high-quality assistance to fledgling intentional communities,
measurably helping them succeed.

E. Creating Community in Place: to a person or organization who has helped
existing neighborhoods, businesses, or nonprofit organizations develop a
significantly greater sense of community and connection.

F. Cooperative Leadership: to a person who has modeled exemplary and
inspirational leadership in a cooperative context. This may include the
creation and development of a culture in which the leadership capacity of
others flourished under this leader's guidance; the demonstration of grace
and the ability to hold the group together in times of crisis; the
modeling of healthy ego management and the appropriate acceptance of
responsibility when things didn't work well; and foresight to prepare well
for an orderly transition to others when it was time to step down.

G. Historian/Preservationist: to a person who has demonstrated over the
course of a career that community stories and materials have been
collected and recorded: that they have been captured accurately and with
sensitivity; that they have been preserved for posterity; or that have
been made available to the public openly and without prejudice.


o This Award is intended to honor a lifetime of achievement more than a
single accomplishment. o We intend to primarily honor people who helped
create community in North America, though we are open to considering
candidates whose contributions were mainly made on other continents. o We
expressly intend that the concept of "community" will be interpreted
broadly and is not limited to intentional communities. It includes the
concept of creating or enhancing a sense of community in any context, so
long as it is genuine, lasting, and and is not accomplished through the
promotion of us/them dynamics. o The recipient's contributions should
significantly impact people beyond the members of their home community.

ELIGIBILITY: Nominees may not be current Fellowship of Intentional
Community board members, paid staff, or volunteers serving on FIC
committees. Anyone may submit nominations.

DEADLINE: To be considered for the 2017 Award, nominations must be
received no later than April 1, 2016.

SELECTION PROCESS: After the deadline for nominations has closed, the FIC
Award Committee (comprised of Oz Ragland, Deborah Altus, Betty Didcoct,
and Laird Schaub) will review all submissions and prepare a short list of
the most promising candidates for Board consideration. In a closed
session, the FIC Board will then select the 2017 recipient during the
FIC's spring organizational meetings, which will take place May 20-22 in
Dexter OR. After a winner is announced, the Award Committee will make
arrangements for the Award presentation, in collaboration with the

HOW TO MAKE A NOMINATION: In order to be seriously considered, it is
important that the nominator make a thorough case for why the candidate
deserves the award. The Award Committee does not have the resources to
conduct more than cursory research, so it is up to the nominator to do the
bulk of the work to gather and organize the candidate's credentials.
Website links to additional information can be very helpful.

Submissions should include the following:

1. Contact information for the nominee, to the extent that it is known 2.
Contact information for the nominator 3. Nominating letter thoroughly
describing the nominee's qualifications relative to the Award criteria A-G
described above

Please direct all questions and nominations to:
Laird Schaub laird@ic.org

2009 Fred Lanphear
2012 Ina May & Stephen Gaskin
2013 Caroline Estes
2014 Ira Wallace
2015 Bob Mann
2016 Alberto Ruz
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