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2016 Wishlist in Progress

Keeping track of stuff I like or want is easier if I make a place for it through the year, rather than trying to do it at the last minute. This worked great in the past, so I'm continuing the practice.  See my wishlists from 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Here Lies Butch daylily
Purple, pink, and pale green flowers with frilly petals.  If the shipping is high and it's a flat price, I'm also interested in the Groundcover daylilies.

The Monsters' Rhapsody: Disability, Culture, & Identity by Ann Magill
A poetry collection about characters with disabilities.

Defying Doomsday edited by Tsana Dolichva & Holly Kench
An anthology about disabled survivors after an apocalypse.

Klein Electrician Scissors
Heavy-duty cutting blades.

Science Rockstars T-shirts
Megan Lee is my favorite T-shirt artist.  <3 science!  My size is Large.  I am currently in want of:
Anning on brown
Brahe on royal blue
Lamarr on burgundy
Fibonacci on royal blue
Wegener on royal blue
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