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Fighting Bias

While the tests are iffy, the suggestions for fighting bias are excellent.  

The problem I have with the tests, by the way, is they want you to make a decision with no real data.  I don't do that.  In real life.  It drives people absolutely bugfuck.  I can't tell you anything more about a person if  all you've given me is a name or a face.  They might or might not match the things society expects, and I don't think like society, and y'know, fuck it anyway.  If you asked me to pick a partner based on nothing other than appearance, I'd try to spot someone outside the mainstream, which is pretty much the opposite expectations.  And I like to crosswire expectations when choosing character illustration pictures too.  

Which is not to say that I have no slants, but they're not shaped like most people's seem to be.

Tags: ethnic studies, gender studies, how to, reading
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