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Poem: "Polishing Winter"

This poem was written outside the regular prompt calls, and is posted here as barter for [personal profile] dialecticdreamer posting "Workshop Progress" so you can read Part 1 of her story already. It belongs to the series Frankenstein's Family.

"Polishing Winter"

After Victor granted permission for Nandru
to flood the low part of the common meadow,
which wasn't in high demand during winter,
it turned into a communal project to keep
the village children out of the woods
until abandoned traps could be
picked up by the adults.

Nandru recruited the older children
to trim down the grass and the younger ones
to run in circles trampling it all flat.

First he pumped water until the stone tank
for the livestock was overflowing all over the ground.
Then he organized a bucket chain to add more water
to places where the pump couldn't easily reach.

Victor kept an eye on the project as he visited
the village regularly to attend the whole mess of
concerns left behind by the abrupt banishment of Artúr.

Before long, the new attraction had drawn in
not just the children but the adults as well,
especially the courting couples.

The inevitable trickle of twisted ankles
and sprained wrists began, bringing people
to Victor and Igor for treatment.

It didn't help that so few of the villagers
had proper skates, even ones made from
wood or bone instead of good steel, but
several victims complained of stumbling which
sent Victor out to examine the lay of the ice.

"Look at these lumps," he pointed out
to Nandru. "They're tripping people."

"It's from the grass underneath, and
using the buckets," Nandru said. "Ice
on the ground doesn't form up all flat
the way it does on a pond or a river, but
like you said, nobody can fall through."

"Just see if you can figure out how to
smooth some of the surface. Take care
to keep your lungs warm too," Victor said,
reaching to tug Nandru's scarf up
over his nose and mouth.

"Yes, mazil," said Nandru,
voice muffled through the thick wool.

Vladimir looked around at the people
milling about the ice and said, "Perhaps
a temporary fence would help keep the crowd
from getting so thick that they collide. I'm busy
making rope, Nandru, but you could probably
handle something like this ..." He paused
to scratch a design into the ice, sections
roped together so they could be moved,
as for penning sheep and goats to graze.

Imre muttered something about
the poor design of the skates,
and their tendency to slip loose,
then wandered off to his forge.

The next time Victor checked the field,
it was as sleek as a mirror.

"How in the world did you manage this?"
Victor asked, impressed by the change.

"We used planes and scrapers to shave off
the high spots, and then polished it with
hot bricks," Nandru said with a grin.
"It's like polishing winter itself!"

Victor looked around at the trains of children where
older siblings were towing the younger ones
with a scarf or a scrap of rope.

Ilona had fenced herself off in a corner where
she doggedly tried to master the steel blades
that Imre had actually fastened to a pair
of old boots with horseshoe nails.

Several people had rigged a pulley
much like for a ferry -- probably borrowed
from a hay hoist not needed in this season --
to tow a sleigh back and forth so the old and infirm
could enjoy the ice alongside their families.

The portable fences cobbled up by Nandru
at Vladimir's suggestion worked beautifully
to funnel people onto and then off of the ice
so they didn't crash into each other as often.

Igor stood at the exit in case of injuries,
most of which needed no more than
a supportive wrap and a warning
to stay off it for a day or two.

"Well done," Victor said to Nandru as they
watched the villagers at their new sport.

On the ice, Bogdana gave a rare cackle of glee
as she rode the sleigh with Adam in her lap,
red shawl flapping behind them like wings.

* * *


You can built your own backyard ice rink and make a smooth surface in various ways, such as using a plane.

Ice skating dates back thousands of years, and ice skates have evolved a lot since then.

Ice chairs may be propelled by sticks or by a person. In this case, a winch has been used similar to a cable ferry. This patent shows how a boat or sleigh can be hauled back and forth.
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