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Prompt Call: "Pay It Forward"

EDIT 12-2-15: The situation is fixed, they have a replacement car, and donations are no longer needed. Thank you all!

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has responded to our family mayhem by hosting a "Pay It Forward" prompt call to raise funds.  Anyone willing to donate $5 or more to the emergency fund can get a 500-word ficlet written to your prompt.  Since this is not for personal profit, fanfic (see the list of familiar fandoms on the prompt page) and my settings (Polychrome Heroics and Frankenstein's Family are especially apt) are open.  If you want our stranded relatives to know that this particular packet of help came by way our efforts, you can mention us and the Pay It Forward project.  

As the name implies, if you've ever been broke down in the middle of nowhere and benefited from the help of a kindly stranger, now's an opportunity to return the favor.  If you're broke too, you can still help by boosting the signal for the prompt call.  Thank you!
Tags: call for prompts, cyberfunded creativity, personal

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