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Read "Letters to the Editor Week Two" by Dialecticdreamer

 [personal profile] dialecticdreamer has posted "Letters to the Editor, Week Two" for the Berettaflies thread.  During the second week, the threat level is Orange, which means important regular activities such as work and school may resume with caution.  The initial shock has worn off, and people are responding to the events in more organized ways  ... some good, others not so good.

Anyone wanting to write their own Week Two letter to the editor is welcome to do so.  The DW organization page is here.  [personal profile] lynnoconnacht is helping me make one for my PenUltimate Productions site, so please keep her posted on anything you write for this thread, using this template.  

You are all made of awesome.  The whole Berettaflies thing started out as one poem and has blossomed into a whole branch of its own.  :D  Thanks!
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, demifiction, fantasy, fishbowl, nature, networking, poetry, reading, weblit, wildlife, writing
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