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General Fund Poll from Bonus Fishbowl

The general fund currently contains $35.  Everyone is eligible to vote in this poll.  I will keep it open until at least Wednesday morning.  If there's a clear answer then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may leave it open longer.

There is one $10 poem left, "Common Waters."  There is one $20 poem left, "The Least of These."  You could fund both of those with $5 left over for epic poetry.  There is one epic left, "Unfit Proxies" at $44.  You could open it for microfunding and actually get most of it at once.

There are two open epics.  "The Most Powerful, Master Emotion" belongs to Polychrome Heroics and needs $65 to finish.  It deals with the aftermath of WWII and environmental contamination.  "The Power to Curse" belongs to Polychrome Heroics and needs $53 to finish.  It follows Mr. Pernicious as he flees from the wrecked lab.

Poll #2026172 General Fund Poll from October Bonus Fishbowl
This poll is closed.

How do you want to distribute the $35?

$10 for "Common Waters," $20 for "The Least of These," AND $5 for epic poetry
ALL $35 to open "Unfit Proxies"
ALL $35 into "The Most Powerful, Master Emotion"
ALL $35 into "The Power to Curse"
Split roughly equal between "The Most Powerful, Master Emotion" and "The Power to Curse"

If one open epic gets $5, which should it be?

The Most Powerful, Master Emotion
The Power to Curse
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