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Sexual Awareness Education

Here's a great example.

Terramagne-America works similarly.

* Schools are required to offer  classes that cover sexual health and safety, relationships, and so forth.  Parents may opt out their kids from classes, but not the information, so if the children want to attend then they can.  Withholding vital biological and psychological information constitutes child abuse -- bad sexual mistakes can and do kill people.  Most medium or larger employers have suitable education for adults, and so do community centers.

* It is illegal to pressure or force  anyone into any sexualized activity, including unwelcome conversations.  Therefore schools and employers may not require everyone  to attend such classes.  Schools may require sexual content for classes where it is directly relevant (gynecology, gender studies, etc.) and employers may for job-related reasons (rape counselors, etc.).  This prevents abuse of asexuals and late bloomers, some of whom feel extremely uncomfortable if anyone makes them listen to sex stuff.

* It begins at a level with things like "A mommy and a daddy put their bodies together in a special way to make a baby" and "Your body belongs to you.  It is wrong for anyone to touch your body without your consent or in ways that make you feel bad."  By junior high and high school, there is a real emphasis on practice relationships: exploring what you like in a friend or romantic partner, what you enjoy doing with your own body and how to talk about that with someone else, how to get started in a relationship you'd like to become serious, how to disengage gracefully, and so forth.  A wide range of options are presented from friendship for small children through romance and eventually sex for teens.

* And the results are the same in T-America as in countries here with good sex ed: later entry to sexual activity, better awareness of safety and respect, fewer sex crimes, fewer unplanned pregnancies and STDs, higher satisfaction, etc.
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