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Poem: "The Ailurophile Philosophy"

This poem was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] capriuni. It belongs to The Ocracies series.

"The Ailurophile Philosophy"

The ailurophiles were not,
strictly speaking, a government
in that they had no homeland
of their very own.

It was, if anything,
more of a philosophy
shared among those who
preferred the company of cats
to the company of other people.

They walked in the wilds
and the woods, and all places
were likely of interest to them.

What united them, even in
their mostly-solitary wandering,
was the peculiarly feline approach
that they took to whatever government
happened to be around them at the time.

In the Community of Munora
(which was more of a city-state
than a full-sized nation) the ailurophiles
concentrated on the sharing of food
and good hunting gounds, and
decided that commewnism was
an agreeable government.

People ran the Democracy of Emenhal
with sufficiently fair-handed ballots for
the ailurophiles to feel that every cat
could get a paw in the tuna pie, so
demeowcracy was all right with them.

The Meritocracy of Rolane was
harsh enough to make survival
a struggle at times, but mewoitocracy
suited the ailuophiles for its steadfast
recognition of personal competence, and
what was a cat if not the best of everything?

While the Minarchy of Faroh bordered
the Hoplarchy of Ledes, and therefore had to
have some government organization for
major things like military defense, for
the most part they preferred to leave
power in the hands of smaller groups
or individuals. Lipurrtarianism
appealed to the pride of lions.

The Bureaucracy of Chiffarone was
more stressful, and it was there where
the ailurophiles could do the most good.
They placed purring cats on the politicians
and proved that a purrocracy was better
for keeping everyone relaxed enough
to make good decisions.

Even though they were not
a government, people came
to recognize and appreciate
the ailurophiles as pioneers,
for their philosophy owed
allegiance to no one place,
and therefore made them
useful as go-betweens.

After all, cats care nothing for fences
except as a place to walk upon.

* * *


Ailurophile means cat fancier.

Explore the forms of govpurrnance.

The Community of Munora is a communist city-state between Narr at the end of the landmass and Pelip down much of the center.

The Democracy of Emenhal is directly north of Munora and reaches the northern coast.

The Meritocracy of Rolane is up in the rough terrain with the gender-oriented countries, and I'm having a harder time hashing out that part of the map, sorry.

The Minarchy of Faroh borders the Hoplarchy of Ledes and fortunately has its own coastal access. It has a libertarian government.

The Bureaucracy of Chiffarone lies between Narr and Emenhal.
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