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Read "Metamorphosis" by Shiori_makiba

[personal profile] shiori_makiba has posted the poem "Metamorphosis" about another victim of the berettaflies, the second one to develop superpowers.  A character sheet appears after the verses.  So it looks like about 1:12 manifestations in victims stung.  That's a lot.  The overall pattern, however, is pretty consistent with zetetic exposure: most people get sick, a handful die, a very few develop superpowers.  Anything life-threatening can do that, but the high rate of manifestation coupled with the fact that both new soups have related powers suggests that the venom contains a metagen which can bestow  powers, not just activate latent ones.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fishbowl, nature, networking, poetry, reading, science, weblit, wildlife, writing
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