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A Way to Reduce Violence

Talk to the lonely people.  

Not like it?  Dude, this has been my primary mode  of socialization since I could walk.  The first thing I do in any group event is look for the people on the fringes.  They're usually my best matches and more interesting than the ones in the middle.  It even worked in Mexico and Russia when we didn't necessarily have more than a partial language overlap.

Anyhow, connection helps keep people alive.  It reduces many types of violence.  It also reduces deaths from suicide and loneliness.  Loneliness is about as deadly as smoking.  Also worth mentioning is that it's not purely physical: people can be surrounded by others, and still feel lonely for lack of intimacy.  

A cool thing here is that intimate relationships don't have to be physical.  Sure it's nice if you have plenty of local-to-you friends who can cuddle with you or help if your car won't start.  But if your area doesn't have many people like you, then you can find friends online instead, which meets the need for connection.  Outside of my family, I don't have more than friendly acquaintainces nearby -- but online I have some very fine 'ohana indeed.

The world is a violent mess right now.  Somebody should do something about that.

Be Somebody.
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