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Kitchen Gadgets

Some of these aren't very practical.  Others could be awesome in the right context.  The time to buy a specialty gadget is when you make  that thing a lot, or you want to, and thus it would save you time compared to a workaround. 

Bacon bowls -- Usually you're better off just flipping over a muffin tin to make bowls out of bacon, cookie dough, etc.  However, they're not always a convenient size, so if you really love edible bowls then buying proper molds may make more sense.

Donut factory -- I have voraciously patronized these in malls and had no idea that a home model was available.  :D  Too much bother and empty calories for just one person ... but imagine how awesome this would be in an office, a large household, or pretty much any other group function with access to a kitchenette.  Especially since the donuts come out plain so you could then shake them in bags of powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, cardmom, dip them into chocolate or yogurt coatings, etc. according to taste.

Waffle bowl press -- Another nifty gadget for people who like edible bowls.  You could probably use it for more than waffle type batter.
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