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Read "In The Soup" by Ng_moonmoth

LiveJournal user Ng_moonmoth has written the demifiction "In The Soup."  Set in Terramagne, it belongs to the series Polychrome Heroics, inspired by the events of "By Our Limited Human Standards."  It's a text description of a humorous Kraken video, which gives a wonderful glimpse of their subculture as it updates members on recent events and what the outside world knows about Kraken activities.  (Choking Hazard!  Do not read with your mouth full.)  Scenes during the Anything Goes Games were recorded for later broadcast, and it's about a week before "Berettaflies."  Then the end of "A River So Long" comes a couple weeks after that.  Background material and character sheets appear on separate pages, linked from the text.  Woohoo!  :D
Tags: demifiction, fantasy, humor, networking, poetry, reading, weblit, writing
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