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Give the Refugees an Island

So this rich guy offered to buy an island to host the refugees pouring into Europe.  This would give them a place to stay with others who share their language and culture, without bothering those areas in Europe that really don't want refugees. Furthermore, he cleverly suggested something I've been saying: put immigrants to work taking care of each other, get them building homes and service facilities, etc.  They're just ordinary people who've been run out of home by psychos; they must have useful skills.  And this  guy actually has enough money to make things happen.  I hope it works.

Also this is the point where Italy and Greece should take the offer or else STFU about not wanting refugees on their turf.  Especially Greece, with a very plausible exchange of selling an island, addressing the refugee problem, and getting a little boost and maybe some advice on fixing their mangled economy.
Tags: economics, news, politics, safety
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