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Enjoy "Raising Dion #1"

Today I discovered Raising Dion. It's about a single mother of color, who does not have superpowers, raising a son who does. Gorgeous art, adorable characterization, attentive ethics, really cool power use, positive family values -- all stuff I love. You can download a free PDF of the first issue, or buy a print-on-demand hardcopy here. Regrettably I could not find a plain donation button, but the hardcopy is only $4 so that should fit most budgets. If you want to support them more, you could always buy extras for some friends.

From what I've written in Polychrome Heroics, you've seen how challenging it is for ordinary parents to raise superkids and how many of them just bail. It's not easy even when the adults have superpowers too. There's even a reference to Dion gaining and losing superpowers in different combinations -- he's basically flickering, and his abilities haven't settled yet. Nicole has twigged one of the crucial points: the more you practice mindfulness, the better the chance of keeping what you've got and using it safely. :D The tagline for Raising Dion explains how to make this situation work: “The most important thing about raising a superhero ... is learning how to become one first.” Aww, Nicole belongs on this list of best moms in F&SF.

It gets better. There is a live-action trailer for the comic. Which brings us to this important message ...

*WHIIIIIIIIINE* Hey, Marvel and DC! Why aren't you making movies like THIS? I want to watch THIS movie! Why can't we have nice things?!" *WHIIIIIIIIINE*

Yes, a comic book trailer, for an awesome comic, just made a better movie in 2:40 seconds than people with the wealth of Tony Stark can produce in two hours. Sure, I like watching movies about snarky heroes who blow shit up. But this one has explosions and snark, and real family values, AND an exciting new plot perspective.

So, go give these people some money. Funds raised from the first issue go towards making subsequent issues. We can have MOAR GOODEEZ!
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