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On the Hatred of Phones

This article lists several reasons for hating phones

I agree with these.  I will add that telephone technology has evolved in ways that make me hate them more, not less.  They are more pervasive and intrusive now.  They demand attention in being charged.  The sound quality has become so horrendous that I can barely make out what anyone is saying, and in the case of any speakerphone function actually hurts my ears.  And they're ruining the restaurant experience, which creates fallout that I have to deal with even though I know better than to play with my fucking phone at the table.

So if you like me and wish to communicate with me, I am happy to do that via email or facetime.  I am never happy on the phone and use it only as an absolute last resort.  The chance of accurate communication is only so-so and the chance of pleasurable communication approaches zero and costs me spoons to fake it.
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