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Impossible Colors

 Include red-green and blue-yellow.

I can actually see these.  I'm not the only one.  Celtic languages have a term for yellow-blue although it's usually translated as yellow-grey.  It's an eye color in that gene pool, a very rare one, but I've known people with it; and the color of stormlight or late afternoon clouds sometimes.  Red-green I've seen in certain species of trees whose leaves have a bronzed tone -- red, green, blue, brown, all at the same time.

I was looking at an article about how the strawberry squid has eyes optimized in two totally different ways.  Mine are slightly offset in color perception, and I wonder if that creates a kind of binocular vision for colors.  I'm pretty sure it's why most 3D methods don't work for me -- the difference between my eyes means that my brain tears apart the illusion.  Breaks most kinds of camouflage, in fact.  Very useful when I'm looking for things.
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