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Blocking the Vote

The Republican Party is doing everything they can to block voters -- especially new ones, who are most likely Democratic.

Michael Winship | A Mighty Hoax From ACORN Grows
Michael Winship, Truthout: "You see, the ACORN 'election fraud' story is one of those urban legends, like fake moon landings and alligators in the sewers, and it appears three or four weeks before every recent national election with the regularity of the swallows returning to Capistrano."

Thousands Face Mix-Ups In Voter Registrations
Mary Pat Flaherty, The Washington Post: "The scramble to verify voter registrations is happening as states switch from locally managed lists of voters to statewide databases, a change required by federal law and hailed by many as a more efficient and accurate way to keep lists up to date."

If you want to make sure your vote will actually count, verify your registration in person before election day.
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