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Crowdfunding Creative Jam

The July 2015 Crowdfunding Creative Jam is now open with a theme of "Nobody Would Ever Write That."  Visit the jam on Dreamwidth or on LiveJournal.  Come give us prompts, or claim ideas for your own inspiration!

What I Have Written

"Their Unstoppable Momentum" -- today's freebie.

"Rooting into the Future"
This inspired the free-verse poem "Rooting into the Future." Alameda has always felt different, and one day she discovers why. 49 lines, Buy It Now = $20 "The 500 Hats of DUM-E Stark"
DUM-E gets some new hats. "Hostage to the Character"
Calliope and Hyperspaceman are called in to deal with a supervillain who is holding hostages in a bank.
414 lines, Buy It Now = $207
Tags: art, creative jam, cyberfunded creativity, fiction, networking, poetry, reading, weblit, writing
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