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Vixen Cartoon Trailer

This looks like fun.  I'm definitely interested in watching it.

I just wish other people would mix up their ethnic characters a bit more.  There's a really heavy trend toward linking superpowers with ethnicity.  Sure, do that, roots matter.  But do some other stuff too.  African-descended characters often have primal powers such as animal traits.  I have Lakia, who has a tail and Neural Blast.  I even have a soup who actually IS an African elephant, Hercules.  But I've also got Boss White (Telepathy), Danso (Superpower Manipulation), Dazzlecat (Shapeshifting: Ocelot Form), Jolt (Control Electricity), Fiddlesticks (Super-Speed), Gallium Gal (Liquid Metal Form), the Gingerbread Man (Teleportation), Lieutenant Brown (Regeneration), the Muffler (Power Nullification & Empathy), and Saraphina Dreux (Soul Powers).
Tags: entertainment, ethnic studies, fantasy, networking
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