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Pink Pineapples

A new GMO food in development is the pink pineapple, with the antioxidant lycopene.  I might like to try that one, as it has a defined benefit for diners (rather than just enriching executives). There is also a purple tomato, but we already have those from non-GMO varieties.  Eh, I'd consider tasting the new ones.  I like the concept of gengineering but frown on most of the current applications due to safety concerns and/or features that don't benefit the end user.

I disapprove of the non-browning apples and all other modifications which make stale food seem fresh.  This route is why most supermarket fruits and vegetables are so tough and flavorless that they're barely worth eating, so people don't eat them.  They were bred for such things as shipping durability or ease of harvest instead of nutrition and flavor like people used to do.  Fuck it, I'll buy heirlooms at the farmer's market.
Tags: food, news, science
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