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Pricing Your Crafts

Here's a thoughtful article about pricing your crafts.  

I typically look at time + materials for crafts.  With services, I look at time and compare with what other people are charging. I've done simple mending at an hourly rate, because it just isn't that difficult.  Sewing from patterns I charge a bit more for, and I've done at least one pattern that I decided was too fussy to do again.  But basic skirts?  Still pretty easy.  

I pay a lot of attention to difficulty and time.  With poetry, I can afford to sell it relatively cheap because I write it fast.  I'm still making better money than I would from most magazines, because poetry in the mainstream pays shit wages.  You can get a poem from me for less than a paper book -- smaller product, but based on your prompt or maybe you just picked something you liked from a thumbnail.  Writing fiction takes longer, so I tend to charge more.  Editing is mostly charging what I can get, not what I'm worth.  The only place I make an hourly rate suited to my experience level is poetry.
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