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Writing About Emotions

Here's a wonderful comic about emotions and how they are restricted by gender. Obviously, this is stupid and destructive.

Just to answer the challenge, I have written ...

Men Who Cry
"Who Stands Beside Me" -- Hrafn cries when his mother passes away. Not a 'single manly tear' but bawling and snotting in someone's lap. There is a lot of crying in this poem.

"The Last Rose of Winter" -- Deshawn cries himself to sleep after Eloise dies. Regrettably he doesn't have much of a support network at that stage.

"Finding the Tears" -- Danso cries at his mother's grave, quite some time after her death. His new family is helping him cope, though.

"A Voice from Beyond" -- Seth cries when he realizes that he had enslaved a friend. He still has a raging case of guilt about that, but he is trying to make up for the damage as best he can. Fortunately he has people to help.

"Switching Out" -- Gray starts crying because his friend Marcus betrayed him, isn't sorry, and dumps him; but once it starts, he winds up crying over a whole bunch of other things too.

"Victor(ia) Frankenstein" -- Igor and Victor both weep with joy over the birth of their son Adam.

Women Who Fight
Large portions of Path of the Paladins and P.I.E.

"Pluck" -- A fledermaus gansta interrupts a bashing to beat the crap out of the redneck assailant.

"Weaving Damask" -- Farce and Damask get into a fight. This one is particularly interesting because, while it is (male) Ham who usually handles the fighting for the system, Maze (female) is the one who first takes up the fight with Farce.

"SPOON in Every Pot" -- Whammy Lass takes on the first supervillain.

"Hit Like a Girl" -- Carrie doesn't develop superpowers. She decides to become a superhera anyway.

"Pulling Pigtails" -- Fortressa is a BAMF. Plucky Girl is a junior BAMF.

"All Crab Find Dey Own Hole" -- Kanica fights for her freedom.

Genderqueer People Who Complain
"Uncounted Colors of the Stars" -- Astin's paperwork is wroooooong.

"What Makes a Woman" -- A transwoman and a gynoid commiserate about transmisogyny and humanocentrism.

"Echoes of Another" -- Victor loses his shit over villagers with torches and pitchforks.

"Comforters" -- Rowen is really, really tired of Inge whining.

"Fate Misnamed" -- Calliope enumerates all the ways that Vagary fucked up.

"Gunpowder Treason" -- Maryam gripes about what a nuisance terrorism is.

Boys Who Get Giddy
"Shiny New Toys" -- Darrell and Brenda geek out over each other's new gear.

"Spirit of Truth" -- Shaeth and Trobby accidentally make a truth potion and get high.

Girls Who Are Proud
"All Through the House" -- The lady of Monster House is proud of her work on Santa's sleigh, and discreet about details.

"Running Rings" -- Lakia celebrates catching a toy with her tail.
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