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Poem: "The Other Way Around"

This poem is from the August 2014 Creative Jam. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] chanter_greenie. It also fills the "just here for the pr0n freestyle" square in my 6-10-14 card for the Fanbingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. It belongs to the Schrodinger's Heroes project.

Content: This poem features erotic power exchange. It's basically fluff in which Quinn fixes Vic's homesickness by showing him where the kinkyfolks hang out in the Scarlet!verse. If kink isn't your thing, feel free to skip it.

"The Other Way Around"

For a while Vic found it relaxing
to interact with people
without needing to worry
about matters of erotic rank.

He didn't see the shadow
of the sub who dumped him
in every sweep of long hair
or bend of knee.

But there was also no
acknowledgement of
his own rank,
no solemn nods
from the other doms
as they danced around
each other's authority.

Dealing with an entire society
of undifferentiated people
was exhausting and confusing.

"Come on," Quinn said to Vic
on Friday night. "We're going out."

Apparently there was a club
where people could go
for the kind of interactions
that Vic considered simply
a part of everyday life.

The Leather Interior was
quiet enough for talking,
with slow sultry music
playing in the background.

It had shadowy corners
for people seeking privacy
and spotlit pedestals
for the exhibitionists.

"Dom, sub, switch, other,
or not participating?"
asked the girl at the door.

Vic felt as if an invisible weight
had lifted from his shoulders.
"I am a dom," he said.

She handed them stretchy wristbands,
black for Vic and rainbow swirl for Quinn.

They strolled through the open space,
Vic noting the doors to demonstration lounges
and private rooms that could be booked
by signing up on a log sheet.

On one pedestal, a woman
was slowly fucking a man
with a bright pink strap-on.
Vic admired the control
shown by her perfect rhythm.

On another pedestal, a man
was whipping a woman
with delicate precision,
drawing a red ladder
down the length of her back.
Vic enjoyed her throaty moans.

It felt good to be himself again,
not holding back for fear of
scaring the undifferentiated ones.

His straight back and confident stride
brought everyone's eyes to his wrist,
seeking confirmation of his status.

Soon the subs came flocking to him,
and Vic sorted them effortlessly --
the ones who were trouble,
he shooed away, but he kept
a few experienced ones
who were between masters,
and several novices
who could surely use lessons.

Vic worked them in pairs,
matching each expert to a novice,
roping them together and teasing them
with implacable tenderness.

Their bodies spoke to him
in ways he had not seen
since leaving home,
and he rejoiced in it.

Quinn had found himself a partner
and the two of them were involved
in coating each other with liquid latex.

They had attracted a small crowd
of admirers as they worked.

Meanwhile a much larger crowd
milled around Vic and his subs,
engrossed in his display of mastery.
It was no wonder, given that he had
a lifetime of experience compared to
the stolen moments most of them had.

Vic released most of his subs,
keeping only the two whom
he had found most pleasing.

"Shall we get a room?"
he murmured, lowering his voice
so that only they could hear.

"Yes, sir," they chorused.

Vic led them away
to sign into an empty room.

The worlds weren't so different after all,
he realized, except for the proportion of
differentiated and undifferentiated people,
each variety found in both worlds --

it was just that, at home,
doms and subs were common
while the undifferentiated were rare,
and here it was the other way around.

* * *


Kink is fundamentally about power exchange in a sensual or erotic context. There are beginner tips for tops and bottoms. Consider whether you are a top, bottom, or switch.

Kinky culture relies a lot on signals and rituals to indicate subtle preferences. Some venues use colored wristbands. The Leather Interior uses black for dom, blue for sub, gray for switch, rainbow for other, and white for not participating.

Liquid latex is very popular among kinkyfolks. Of course Quinn is into latex -- it's colorful and easy to change.
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