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The Need for Role Models

My partner Doug found this article about a trans* and a trans* actress.

Young people need older role models and mentors who are "like them" in whatever way feels important.  This is especially true for kids who are queer, trans*, or otherwise exceptional in ways that make them targets.  For them it's not just about encouragement or inspiration.  It's about survival.  It's living proof that someone with this trait can actually grow up and have a successful life.  They need that.

This is why Stan and Lawrence have Hefty.  Hefty is a significant reason why Stan and Lawrence manage to patch up their relationship instead of staying at each other's throats for decades on end.  (Charles/Erik: "All those years wasted, Charles.") Of course another part is The Joy of Gay Sex and all the other helpful references that Lawrence enjoys.  (Clark/Lex: "All I every wanted from you was the truth!")  Role models matter.  Information matters.  Understanding yourself and other people matters.  Nobody should have to stagger through life being miserable, trying to live up to a standard they're told is the only option when it is not who they are, because they don't know how to fix it.

Believe that you can fix it.  Believe that  you have options.  Dare to be yourself.

And if people pick on you for that, well, then they're villains and you shouldn't count them as role models.
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