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Recent Yardening

Here's what we've been up to ...

Wednesday:  Bought a half-whiskey-barrel to replace the one that is falling apart.  That required distinguishing what I wanted from the small cheap knockoffs.  ("Oh!  You want the real deal!"  "Yes, please.")  Bought 8 concrete blocks to put under it for added height.  Decided that I needed a way to keep the bands from slipping down.  Had a lengthy discussion with a gentleman in the hardware aisle that started with looking for a flat J-hook, went to nail-staples, and finally ended with a packet of short-short nails that can be tapped in under the bands.  I don't want to fasten them in place, just keep them from migrating downward.

Thursday: Identified bare spots in the yard needing grass seed.  Helped Doug (who did most of the work) shovel bark chips off one such place.  Cut weeds off another myself.  Slew a mouse that was making a complete nuisance of itself.  Put down grass seed near the woodpile under the mulberry tree, in the north entrance of the ritual meadow, and sundry other places.

Friday: Put out more grass seed in the orchard and along the east edge of the south meadow.  Took the barrel out of the truck, set it upside-down, nudged all the loose slats approximately even, and put the metal bands into proper position.  It's supposed to rain tonight, so hopefully that will help the wood absorb enough water to stay put.  You're supposed to soak these barrels until they swell tight, which is kind of a challenge when they start out with such big cracks they won't hold water.
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