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A 40-watt Laser Gun

Okay, this is awesome. But look at the caption: "There's no good reason for anybody to own anything this powerful."


You can't think of any reasons that are constructive instead of destructive? And you BUILT that thing?

*epic facepalm*

Here, let me fix that. Starting with this model ...

* Stage magic FX. Works great with the flash paper and chemical items.

* Science class demo. If this doesn't make 'em love optics, nothing will.

* Carnival games. Because it's cool, that's why.

* Performance art. Basically what this video already is, but I'm sure an expert could add even more wow.

* Signalling. Lasers are already used for this purpose. Stronger ones go farther.

* Sculpting things. This one might be interesting for ice sculpture.

* Spiritual applications. I could so write a ritual around this thing. Yes, I've done science rituals before.

* Cooking. Let's make s'mores. Heck, I know geeks who could probably write a program to cook your marshmallow to your exact specifications every time, like a good toaster. Hmm, not sure it would taste right though; marshmallows really benefit from that smoky note of a campfire. Okay, you could boil water with this gun. Cook anything that benefits from flash-searing. I'm sure a decent chef could make use of it, they cook with blowtorches now.

Now imagine a more powerful laser gun ...

* Quickly clear debris from streets after a storm. Hey, let's mount them on emergency vehicles! Also my SF colony Common Ground has had laser snowplows since I was in college.

* Cut trapped victims out of a wrecked car. Bonus if you hook up a scanner and computer to calculate where and how to cut without hurting anyone, because right now the Jaws of Life are a little risky.

* Industrial uses such as cutting or welding metal. More precision = yay.

* Laser-powered spaceships. I'm still fondly remembering presentations by Travis Taylor.

* Now we can sculpt stone or metal. Neato.

Seriously, how can people not think of good ways to use technology?
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