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Literary Awards Favor Men

Not just male writers, but also male characters. For instance, if you want to win a Pulitzer, you must include men/boys and your chance is higher if you are a man yourself.  The awards with the most representation of female characters and writers are the least prestigious.

My solution?  Fuck 'em.  I'll be over here in crowdfunding, where I can write what I damn please and sell it to people who share my interests, or request what I want and get it.  Somebody mentioned a dearth of female friendships last week.  I said, "Yeah, good point.  I'll request that in a friend's Monday prompt call."  And I did, so now there's one more F&F story there are FOUR more F&F stories in the world.  :D  Also if you look at my Serial Poetry page you can see that my audience loves women.  I have several series where BOTH leads are women: The Origami Mage (rivals), Path of the Paladins (mentor/novice), and Walking the Beat (wives).  I care less about awards than I do about writing great stuff and selling it.  However, this also means I rely more on my audience to boost the signal so that folks who want to read this weird shit can find it amidst the slew of space marines and miniskirted urban fantasy babes.
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