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Poll: Free Epic for June 2, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl

The June 2, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl met its $200 goal for a free epic.  Everyone is eligible to vote in this poll.  I'll keep it open until at least midday Monday.  If there's a clear answer then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may keep it open a little longer.

There's a backlog building up in the most active series, so you get to pick from Polychrome Heroics this time.  Most of these are either stand-alones or at the end of their current chain, but "Poleaxed" unlocks its sequel "Reveal Everything Mysterious" so the latter could be sponsored.

"About the Wind"
The Analyst takes an interest in how bridges and superpowers interact, and asks Calliope for help. Then a car goes off the bridge ...
180 lines, Buy It Now = $90

"If You Could Bottle It"
Bruno used to be an enforcer until mad science torture left him with nerve damage and a new superpower. Il Dottore helps him understand that sometimes, hope is a thing you can't find, until you give it away.
106 lines, Buy It Now = $53

On their second date, Cuoio and Chiara go clothes shopping. Cuoio has some trouble staying focused.
248 lines, Buy It Now = $124

"Under Any Other Scenario"
Park ranger Chikondi Kanga faces an incursion of poachers who threaten the elephants, including the supercalf Hercules.  But they have awesome backup!
190 lines, Buy It Now = $95

Poll #2013365 Free Epic Poll for June 2, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl
This poll is closed.

Which of this poems would you most like to publish?

About the Wind
If You Could Bottle It
Under Any Other Scenario

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